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  • Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Multi-Surface Cleaner
    Use this product to clean all surfaces. Removal of oil, grease, and soaps is easy with our multi-surface cleaner. This is effective on vinyl, tile, ceramic, fib...(more)

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  • AquaChek Salt Test Strips

    AquaChek Salt Test Strips
    Quality Test Strips for Salt Water Results in 3-5 Minutes! Test strips for salt titrators, sodium chloride. Results available with precision and ease through u...(more)

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  • Concentrated Filter Cleaner

    Concentrated Filter Cleaner
    Concentrated Filter Cleaner is excellent for both pool and spa cartridge filters. This unique cleaner will greatly improve your filter's life and efficiency. Cl...(more)

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  • pH Rise

    pH Rise
    Corrects acidic water conditions. pH level is key to your pool chemistry. pH Rise raises pH levels to the ideal range of 7.2 to 7.6 ppm, to prevent corrosion an...(more)

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  • Liner Life Extender

    Liner Life Extender
    Purchasing a new liner or want to protect your existing pool liner? Liner Life Extender is a specially formulated paste blend that is applied to the pool liner ...(more)

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  • Calcium Plus

    Calcium Plus
    Prevents Corrosion of Plaster, Equipment, and Fixtures In areas where soft water is a problem, when water hardness levels drop below 200 ppm, you need to add Ca...(more)

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  • AquaChek Blue Biguanide Strips

    AquaChek Blue Biguanide Strips
    Quality Test Strips for Biquanide Sanitized Pool Water Test strips for biguanide, total alkalinity, and pH. Simplifies testing for pools and spas using biguan...(more)

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  • pH Lower

    pH Lower
    SAFER, EASIER AND LESS CORROSIVE THAN MURIATIC ACID! Use pH Lower to treat elevated pH levels that can cause eye/skin irritation, cloudy water and scaling that...(more)

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  • Poolmaster Basic 5 Test Kit

    Poolmaster Basic 5 Test Kit
    Having the right test kit will ensure a well maintained pool! Use this dual test kit to test chlorine, bromine, and pH levels. Your whole kit is color coded in...(more)

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  • AquaChek TruTest Digital Reader

    AquaChek TruTest Digital Reader
    AquaChek TruTest digital test strip reader will test the key pool and spa levels: chlorine, bromine, pH and total alkalinity. No more guess work in interpreting...(more)

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  • Aqua Silk

    Aqua Silk
    Aqua Silk by Advantis is a chlorine-free way to sanitize your pool and achieve soft, clear, more comfortable water. When used properly, Aqua Silk will prevent a...(more)

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  • AG Pool Up To 10,000 Gallons

    AG Pool Up To 10,000 Gallons
    Get your swimming season started off right with our great-value chemical maintenance kits! Each kit contains stabilized chlorine, which should be used daily to...(more)

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