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Fitness News:

First-graders fitter than expected

Childhood obesity is often attributed to a lack of exercise. So what about sports among elementary school students Scientists have pursued this question and collected the results of fitness tests for first-year students over a period of one decade. Their study shows that students did not lose their strength. Speed or balance even increased over the time of 10 years. One change was in the boys, whose endurance decreased compared to the girls of the same age....

Cross off that 'to do' list, study shows all daily activity can prolong life

That to do list of chores and errands could actually provide a variety of health benefits. The study found women over age 65 who engaged in regular light physical activity had a reduction in the risk of mortality....

Intervention becomes first to successfully reduce risk of dementia

A computerized brain training program reduces risk of dementia 29 percent, a 10-year study concludes....

Does this one gene fuel obesity?

Variants in a gene called ankyrin-B -- carried by millions of Americans -- could cause people to put on pounds through no fault of their own, new research demonstrates....

Cognitive training enhanced innovative thinking and brain networks in older adults

Researchers have demonstrated in a pilot study that cognitive training improves innovative thinking, along with corresponding positive brain changes, in healthy adults over the age of 55. The study reveals that a specific strategic cognitive training program enhanced innovation in healthy adults....

Exercise increases brain size, new research finds

Aerobic exercise can improve memory function and maintain brain health as we age, a new study has found....

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  • test-1

    Test Product #1 for test purposes only....(more)

    $0.02 More Details
  • Optional Accessories Kit

    Optional Accessories Kit
    Add the Accessories Kit with (1) straight bar, (1) curl bar, (1) foot/ankle strap. Increases your workout options. Provides extra foot/ankle strap so you'll h...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Accessories Kit

    Accessories Kit
    Add the Accessories Kit with (1) straightbar, (1) curl bar, (1) foot/ankle strap.Increases your workout options.Provides extra foot/ankle strap so you'll have t...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Optional Multi-hip/Glute station

    Optional Multi-hip/Glute station
    Add the Multi-Hip/Glute station for four different gluteal, hip and thigh exercises exclusive to the S3.15. Can be mounted on either side of the S3.15 to optimi...(more)

    $249.00 More Details
  • Multi-angle Bench

    Multi-angle Bench
    Increase your strength workout options whether your goal is toning with light dumbbells or increasing muscle mass with heavy weights. Our Multi-angle Bench prov...(more)

    $299.00 More Details
  • S3.25 Strength System

    S3.25 Strength System
    The S3.25 Strength System provides a full-body workout with more than 30 exercises for a superior strength training program. The S3.25 is biomechanically design...(more)

    $399.00 More Details