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Fitness News:

Scarring molecule in fat tissue links obesity with distressed fat

The fat of obese people becomes distressed, scarred and inflamed, which can make weight loss more difficult....

Cycling does not damage men's sexual or urinary functions

Cycling is increasingly popular for transportation, exercise, and leisure, and its impact on sexual health has received a great deal of media attention, especially regarding erectile function. Researchers have now found that contrary to some previous studies, neither recreational nor intense cycling appear to have a negative impact on mens sexual and urinary function....

Benefits of a healthy diet greater in people at high genetic risk for obesity

The benefits of sticking to a healthy diet to prevent long term weight gain are greater in people at high genetic risk for obesity than in those with low genetic risk, finds a new study....

Enzyme shown to regulate inflammation and metabolism in fat tissue

New research in mice and humans suggests that an enzyme called SNRK suppresses inflammation in obesity-related white fat while increasing metabolism in heat-producing brown fat, making SNRK an intriguing target in the battle against obesity....

Light activity measured with fitness tracker linked to lower mortality in older women

Researchers created a study to learn more about how much exercise older adults are able to perform, and how that exercise affects their health. The research team studied 6,489 female participants aged 63 to 99 years old....

Exercise is good for the heart, high blood pressure is bad: Researchers find out why

When the heart is put under stress during exercise, it is considered healthy. Yet stress due to high blood pressure is bad for the heart. Why And is this always the case Researchers have obtained new findings which indicate that a previously undetected signal pathway causes or protects from heart failure depending on the type of stress....

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  • Horizon Fitness Mat

    Horizon Fitness Mat
    Place this mat underneath your treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, or strength equipment to help protect your floors and carpeting from potential damage and r...(more)

    $35.00 More Details