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In children with obesity, impulsivity may be linked with greater weight loss when treated

Children with obesity may be more impulsive than those with normal weight, but during family-based behavioral treatment (FBT), the more impulsive of children with obesity may lose more weight, a new study suggests....

Fasting diets reduce important risk factor for cardiovascular disease

Intermittent energy restriction diets, such as the 5:2 diet, clears fat from the blood quicker after eating meals than daily calorie restriction diets reducing an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, a new study reports....

Estrogen may reduce disordered eating in female athletes with irregular periods

Giving one year of estrogen replacement to female athletes with exercise-induced menstrual irregularities improves drive for thinness, body dissatisfaction and uncontrolled eating, a new study finds....

Consuming low-calorie sweeteners may predispose overweight individuals to diabetes

Consumption of low-calorie sweeteners could promote metabolic syndrome and predispose people to prediabetes and diabetes, particularly in individuals with obesity, a new study on human fat-derived stem cells and fat samples suggests....

New diabetes drug may help people with obesity lose weight

A compound that mimics a naturally occurring hormone that regulates appetite may help people who have obesity but not diabetes to lose weight, a new study suggests....

Study of nearly 300,000 people challenges the 'obesity paradox'

The idea that it might be possible to be overweight or obese but not at increased risk of heart disease, otherwise known as the obesity paradox, has been challenged by a study of nearly 300,000 people. The research shows that the risk of heart and blood vessel problems, such as heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure, increases as body mass index (BMI) increases beyond a BMI of 22-23 kg/m2....