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The Weekly Grit: Perfection or Hyperbole? - In a frenzy to anoint a recent surf discovery as one of the best ever, some media outlets are ignoring the obvious

pYou would be forgiven for thinking the gossipmonger lives a singularly glamorous existence. Hollywood generally depicts us wearing the latest in Franco-Japanese fashion, sipping chilled Cosmopolitans, answering bejeweled flip-pho...

El Rancho Grande - Rolando Montes takes his first trip to Indo

pRemember back in April, when Puerto Rican Rolando Montes dropped the edit of his first winter on Oahu’s North Shore, and we suddenly had very good reason to follow the travels of Rolando Montes That, but in Indo now. The ki...

Where’s Your Best Bet for California This Weekend? - Much of the Golden State's coast can gear up for a promising Saturday

pThe Southern Hemi that reawakened the Pacific recently is on its last legs, but more swell is on the way for California this weekend. We reached out to Swellwatch forecaster Nathan Cool for his take on where to look: We definitel...

Update: The Caribbean (Still) Needs Our Help - A few words with Ben Bourgeois while he works tirelessly with Waves For Water

pA few days after Category 5 Hurricane Irma barreled through Antigua, Barbuda and the Virgin Islands on September 6th and 7th, Ben Bourgeois joined up with Jon Rose and his team at Waves For Water to fly to St. Croix — the o...

France Today, Gone Tomorrow - Starring Mikey, Connor, Leo, Zeke, and more

pThe Quik team had a beachie fling in France for two weeks and have an armful of top-shelf clips to show for it. Because when the swell windows are so short here, you might as well go for broke. Featuring Mikey February, Connor O’...

Keep an Eye Out for Kobi Clements - A 12 year old who's already taking on Tahiti

pI doubt 12-year-old Kobi Clements had much control over the creative direction of this short little edit, but hats off to whoever did. Getting past the adorably cheeky intro, the edit above features young Clements ditching his fi...

Throwback: The Perfect 10s of the 2012 Rip Curl Pro Portugal - Revisiting an epic run of swell for the 'CT at Supertubos five years back

pThe waiting period for the Rip Curl Pro Portugal starts tomorrow and back-to-back swells are stacking up just in time, meaning we ought to see plenty of swell for Supertubos, which—when it’s on—is far and away the best barr...