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Fitness News:

Does time of day affect the body's response to exercise?

New research confirms that the circadian clock is an important factor in how the body responds to physical exertion. Based on this work alone, its too early to say when the best time is for you to go for a jog. But at least in the lab, exercise in the evening seems to be more productive, although human lifestyles are much more complicated....

Mid-life resting heart rate of 75 plus beats/minute linked to doubling in early death risk

A resting heart rate of 75 beats per minute in mid-life is linked to a doubling in the risk of an early death from all causes -- at least among men....

Growth hormone acts to prevent weight loss

A new study shows that, like leptin, growth hormone contributes directly to energy conservation when the body loses weight....

New guidelines to athletes on protein intake

A review led by a sports scientist has set out new international guidelines for protein intake in track and field athletes....

Ability to lift weights quickly can mean a longer life

Prolong your life by increasing your muscle power. Thats the main message of a new study. Rising from a chair in old age and kicking a ball depend more on muscle power than muscle strength, yet most weight bearing exercise focuses on the latter, said a study author....

Move more to live longer

Improving fitness doesnt require doing activities you dont like. The largest study to date of cardiorespiratory fitness in healthy people found that moving more is linked to living longer, regardless of age, sex, and starting fitness level....

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TRM 811 Treadmill - PHRCT8113011EN by precor

Item description: This Fitness 810 Line product is by precor - High style meets a low-impact workout in the TRM 811 treadmill. As with all Precor(R) treadmills, it comes standard with Integrated Footplant Technology(TM) (IFT) and Ground Effects(R) Impact Control (GFX). With the TRM 811, users are ensured a dynamic and rewarding workout.... Learn More

Manufacturer: precor

Category: 810 Line


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