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Do your products really eliminate all muscle pain

Do your products really eliminate all muscle pain?
While we cannot promise that our products will eliminate 100% of pain for 100% of people, 90% of users typically find their pain reduced by 70-100%, with average pain reduction at 90%. If our products do not work for you, just return them! We offer a money back guarantee!

What is titanium?
Titanium is a safe, allergy free metal due to it's light, strong and rust-resistant characteristics. Titanium also has the ability to regulate disrupted electric currents that run through the body because of its tendency to ionize.

Titanium is a light weight, hypoallergenic metal with strong rust resistant characteristics. Used widely in the sports and medical fields. Note: Metal (Titanium/Gold/Silver) have no effect to our body. Only Phild Processed Metal (Titanium/Gold/Silver) possess an effect.

Why don't your products look or feel like metal?
Our products are infused with titanium through a unique Phild process, so you can't actually see or feel the metal directly. This makes our products extremely comfortable to wear, especially for athletes.

Why do your products have titanium in them?
Titanium normalizes your body's bioelectric current, improving the alignment of ions. When this current is stabilized, the muscles relax and blood circulation increases, allowing for easier movement and pain relief. For more information, view our research and evidence page.

Are your products safe?
Originally created as a medical aid, helping to improve the flow of blood in coma patients and others suffering from immobility, the research and development behind our titanium products have spanned more than twenty years.

Our exclusive processes focus on specific conduits such as titanium and gold work to enhance your body's energy management system, thereby increasing the capacity of every cell in your body. Because our products use our Energy Transport System technology which focuses on the natural ability of the human body to heal itself, there is no interference with a cardiac pacemaker or surgical implants of any kind. We take much pride in never offering an item that might have an ill effect on your health.

While more than 95% of people have no adverse reactions to our products, a few people do experience dizziness and headaches. In these cases, we suggest trying our products further from one's head, on ankles, wrists and lower back for example, instead of around the neck. If the symptoms persist, remove the product.

Phiten products are a safe, easy alternative for those who prefer not taking pills or ointments to relieve sore and aching muscles.

How long do your products work?
The products' longevity is based on amount of wear and tear of the material itself, not the titanium. A belt worn 24 hours / day and handwashed gently will typically last one year before starting to show signs of wear. All belts, necklaces, bracelets and braces are sold with a money back guarantee.

Are your products washable?
Yes. They should be washed by hand in cold water. The more you wash them the more they will show wear and tear, as with any material.

How long will my Therapy Necklace last? What will happen if it absorbs sweat?
The innovative new Aqua Titanium material has been absorbed into the fabric using Phiten's original Phild processing technology. Aqua Titanium particles will not separate even after the fabric is washed or soaked with perspiration, so there is nothing you should worry about. The absorptive power of Aqua Titanium is semi-permanent, which means you can use your Therapy Necklace for a very long time. Phild processing is applied not only to Aqua Titanium particles but also throughout the material comprising your Therapy Necklace. Indeed, all Phiten products incorporate Phild processing.

The note on the package says the Therapy Necklace must not be worn in a bath, shower, pool or sauna. Why?
Repeated wetting and drying of the fabric will accelerate the material's wear and tear.

What is the Phild Process?
Phild Process(ing) is the technology to organize electricity. Products that have undergone the Phild Process(ing) emit Phild Energy. This is what affects the body. Also, by this Phild Process(ing) technology, metals (Titanium/Gold/Silver) become soluble in water, giving rise to Aqua Metals.

Tell me more about Aqua Metals
The Phiten’s research and Phild Process(ing) technology led to making metals (Titanium/Gold/Silver) water soluble. Aqua Tianium (PTi trademark: Aqua Titanium absorption) is mainly used for Accessories and Apparel for the characteristics of Titanium. Aqua Gold is used for E Water Lotion and Phiten drinking water and many other products. Aqua Silver is used in insoles and cosmetics.

A lifetime of Aqua Titanium
Titanium metal is normally considered chemically insoluble in water, however Phiten’s secret Phild process allows titanium particles to bond with water. This solution is used to impregnate titanium into each and every fibres of the fabric, without losing the texture of the fabric. As the titanium is impregnated into the very fibres of the fabric, the effects last the life of the fabric even when washed regularly.

What are the benefits of Phiten Products?
Phiten Products made with the Phild Process(ing) emit Phild Energy, a uniform wave that helps to control electrical disturbances in the bioelectric current of the human body. Phild Energy is essentially Energy that influences and organizes the body’s electrical current within the muscles and throughout. Phiten products are not only appilicable to humans, but other animals and plants, as well as electronic equipment.

What is the difference between the Therapy Necklace and the Sport Necklace?
Therapy Necklace is made of Fabric permeated with Aqua Titanium, and the elastomer resin containing Micro Titan Balls (by-product of Phild Processing) and Titanium Oxide. Sports Type Necklace is made of Silicone and Micro Titan Balls.

What is the benefit of E Water Massage Lotion?
The most advanced massage lotion, combining with electrical stability of Aqua Gold base water. Phild Process(ing) has dramatically enhanced the moisturizing ability of the base water. E Water Lotion relieves stiffness in the muscles, increases range of motion of the joints, and enhances blood circulation. The strong moisturizing ability that Aqua Gold base water possesses protects your skin from dehydration and accelerates the healing process of damaged skin (such as sunburn).

What is the difference between Power Tape and Up's Titanium Tape?
Power Tape is not elastic, so its applications are limited. However, its strong adhesive power keeps the tape securely attached for a long period of time. For the sake of good hygiene we recommend changing the tape soon after a period of heavy perspiration, as in the summertime. Up's Titanium Tape is elastic and can be attached easily to your knee, elbow or other joint. The material is breathable, too, so the taped area is less likely to develop a rash.

Will the titanium tape cause problems if not attached properly?
The adhesive surfaces of our tapes contain titanium particles and are treated by Phild processing. All you need is to apply the tape to a desired part of your body. There's no need to worry about the orientation or wrapping method.

My skin gets a rash when it's taped. What should I do?
To minimize skin irritation, spray e-water over the area and wait until it's dry before taping. Avoid leaving the tape on for long periods.

How long does shipping take?
Ace Sporting Gear ships all orders via USPS First Class mail. Please allow 3 to 10 days for delivery. Note that we cannot keep all items in stock at all times, so sometimes an item may take longer to ship. We will email you if an item cannot reach you within our normal delivery schedule.

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